eFAACT Demonstration Videos


eFAACT Introduction

eFAACT Introduction presenting an overview of eFAACT features and their results. eFAACT is currently supporting 300+ government contractors ranging in size from 5 to over 500 users.

eFAACT TimeCard

eFAACT TimeCard provides collection of hours and documentation for tracking authorized work effort. eFAACT TimeCards deliver employee signature, supervisor approval and a series of comprehensive time audit trails for complying with DCAA audit requirements. Hours are integrated with payroll, invoicing and job cost accounting. eF TimeCard features Leave Requests for reducing administrative costs.

eFAACT Expense

eFAACT Expense entry includes GSA.gov per diem rates and unallowable calculations for receipts in excess of GSA. The eFAACT Expense feature provides collection of employee expense reports and receipts. Employees enter expense reports to their authorized jobs. Expense reports are signed and approved just like an eF TimeCard. Expense receipts are identified directly on the vendor bill or credit card charge when sent to QuickBooks. eFAACT identifies FAR unallowable costs as a separate line item when the charge is sent to QuickBooks.

Contract Funding & Project Tracking

Contract Funding & Project Tracking includes funding management, burn rates and manager cost limitation alerts. eFAACT tracks contract activity in all phases of its lifecycle; including bid & proposal efforts, contract awards, and funding modifications, with optional electronic alerts as limitations are drawing near. The Project Budget feature provides easy creation of budgets at any level, including an option to jump start employee level budgets from existing eF TimeCard authorizations.

Incurred Labor Distribution

Incurred Labor Distribution means labor starts with the employee timecards and is tracked for payroll reconciliation, incurred cost reporting by job and even employee level profitability.

Processing Schedules

Processing Schedules organize results for important dates such as pay period, month end and invoice cycles. eFAACT maintains your processing schedule as you customize the system to fit for contract invoice cycles, pay cycles and month end requirements. During processing, eFAACT imports all QuickBooks financial transactions, so contract and employee tracking is there when you need it.

Contract Status

Contract Status includes contract profitability and project status reports (PSRs) available for both provisional and experienced indirect rates.

eFAACT TimeCard

Contract Invoicing is a feature of eFAACT's comprehensive solution tightly integrated with your QuickBooks general ledger and designed to solve government contractor challenges including indirect rate burdening, contract invoicing and funds tracking.

eFAACT TimeCard

DCAA ICE Schedules demonstrates generating incurred cost schedules directly to Microsoft Excel. ICE schedulese and their supporting details are available throughout the year for timely management reviews.